SMT equipment portfolio: semi-automatic   presses (V-3088) Panasonic high-speed placement machine (CM88S)   Multifunction Machine (CM20F with BGA function) sixteen high temperature   reflow combination of precision equipment

The   company introduced a number of fully automated machinery and equipment to   higher standards of production to meet market demand. Since the operation of advanced   equipment has been rising rate of qualified products, while production   capacity has doubled in a row.

DIP device portfolio: Multi-purpose   machine parts pull DIP automatic flow automation equipment such as   lead-free combination of dual-wave soldering.

      In early 2010, Spacetek technologies for market potential and   development prospects, the company introduced a fully automated assembly   line, in a timely manner to ensure that the customer's shipping requirements.

Test maintenance equipment combination: Luo delayed   eight burner Wireless Wireless IQV Test Shield Box BGA rework station   maintenance equipment and other test combinations.

The company regards product quality as   enterprise life, strict product quality. Use of advanced testing equipment,   scientific and rational use of detection methods, bad for both stuck into the   next process, but not so affected by outside environmental interference   detection power of the product, thus ensuring the flow of the production   process fun.

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