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SpaceTek, established in 2004, is a professional networking products manufacturer. After nearly a decade of rapid and steady development, the company has created a network of renowned South Korea's well-known brand and communications NetTop, as well as several well-known OEM and ODM services to enterprises.

Coverage of the wireless router product line, wireless LAN, wired routers, switches, and PSTN and IP Camera ,Celling AP,Wall in AP other network products. Product style, complete, comprehensive, quality, and by Korea MIC certified and European CE safety certification, global product marketing.

The company is located in a developed economy of reform and opening up a vibrant city - Shenzhen. More than 200 employees, is a dynamic and experienced team. The company has consistently adhering to the "people-oriented, customer first" philosophy, and strive for staff to create a relaxed working environment and positive development for our customers to provide high quality, innovative, practical products and solutions to better serve the community.

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  • TEL:0755-27695381 / 27695881 FAX:0755-29784976 E-mail:sales@spacetek.com.cn
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